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Class ezcWorkflowNodeSynchronizingMerge

This node implements the Synchronizing Merge workflow pattern.

The Synchronizing Merge workflow pattern is to be used to synchronize multiple parallel threads of execution that are activated by a preceding Multi-Choice.

Incoming nodes: 2..* Outgoing nodes: 1

This example displays how you can use ezcWorkflowNodeMultiChoice to activate one or more branches depending on the input and how you can use a synchronizing merge to merge them together again. Execution will not contiue until all activated branches have been completed.

  1.  <?php
  2.  $workflow = new ezcWorkflow( 'Test' );
  4.  // wait for input into the workflow variable value.
  5.  $input = new ezcWorkflowNodeInput( array( 'value' => new ezcWorkflowConditionIsInt ) );
  6.  $workflow->startNode->addOutNode( $input );
  8.  // create the exclusive choice branching node
  9.  $choice = new ezcWorkflowNodeMultiChoice;
  10.  $input->addOutNode( $choice );
  12.  $branch1 = ....; // create nodes for the first branch of execution here..
  13.  $branch2 = ....; // create nodes for the second branch of execution here..
  15.  // add the outnodes and set the conditions on the exclusive choice
  16.  $choice->addConditionalOutNode( new ezcWorkflowConditionVariable( 'value',
  17.                                                                   new ezcWorkflowConditionGreaterThan( 1 ) ),
  18.                                 $branch1 );
  19.  $choice->addConditionalOutNode( new ezcWorkflowConditionVariable( 'value',
  20.                                                                   new ezcWorkflowConditionGreaterThan( 10 ) ),
  21.                                 $branch2 );
  23.  // Merge the two branches together and continue execution.
  24.  $merge = new ezcWorkflowNodeSynchronizingMerge();
  25.  $merge->addInNode( $branch1 );
  26.  $merge->addInNode( $branch2 );
  27.  $merge->addOutNode( $workflow->endNode );
  28.  ?>

Source for this file: /Workflow/src/nodes/control_flow/synchronizing_merge.php

Version:   //autogen//

Inherited Constants

From ezcWorkflowNode:
ezcWorkflowNode::WAITING_FOR_ACTIVATION    The node is waiting to be activated.
ezcWorkflowNode::WAITING_FOR_EXECUTION    The node is activated and waiting to be executed.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcWorkflowNodeMerge
protected ezcWorkflowNodeMerge::$maxInNodes
protected ezcWorkflowNodeMerge::$minInNodes
protected ezcWorkflowNodeMerge::$state
From ezcWorkflowNode
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$activatedFrom
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$activationState
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$configuration
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$id
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$inNodes
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$internalCall
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$maxOutNodes
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$minOutNodes
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$numInNodes
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$numOutNodes
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$outNodes
protected ezcWorkflowNode::$threadId

Inherited Methods

From ezcWorkflowNodeMerge
protected boolean ezcWorkflowNodeMerge::doMerge()
Performs the merge by ending the incoming threads and activating the outgoing node.
protected void ezcWorkflowNodeMerge::prepareActivate()
Prepares this node for activation.
From ezcWorkflowNode
public ezcWorkflowNode ezcWorkflowNode::__construct()
Constructs a new node with the configuration $configuration.
public void ezcWorkflowNode::accept()
Reimplementation of accept() calls accept on all out nodes.
protected void ezcWorkflowNode::activateNode()
Convenience method for activating an (outgoing) node.
public ezcWorkflowNode ezcWorkflowNode::addInNode()
Adds a node to the incoming nodes of this node.
public ezcWorkflowNode ezcWorkflowNode::addOutNode()
Adds a node to the outgoing nodes of this node.
public mixed ezcWorkflowNode::getConfiguration()
Returns the configuration of this node.
public ezcWorkflowNode[] ezcWorkflowNode::getInNodes()
Returns the incoming nodes of this node.
public ezcWorkflowNode[] ezcWorkflowNode::getOutNodes()
Returns the outgoing nodes of this node.
public boolean ezcWorkflowNode::removeInNode()
Removes a node from the incoming nodes of this node.
public boolean ezcWorkflowNode::removeOutNode()
Removes a node from the outgoing nodes of this node.
public void ezcWorkflowNode::verify()
Checks this node's constraints.
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