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Interface ezcGraphStackedBarsRenderer

Interface which adds the methods required for rendering radar charts to a renderer

Source for this file: /Graph/src/interfaces/stacked_bar_renderer.php

Version:   //autogentag//

Method Summary

public void drawStackedBar( $boundings , $context , $color , $start , $position , $stepSize , [ $symbol = ezcGraph::NO_SYMBOL] , [ $axisPosition = 0.] )
Draw stacked bar



void drawStackedBar( $boundings , ezcGraphContext $context , ezcGraphColor $color , ezcGraphCoordinate $start , ezcGraphCoordinate $position , float $stepSize , [int $symbol = ezcGraph::NO_SYMBOL] , [float $axisPosition = 0.] )

Draw stacked bar

Draws a stacked bar part as a data element in a line chart

Name Type Description
$boundings ezcGraphBoundings Chart boundings
$context ezcGraphContext Context of call
$color ezcGraphColor Color of line
$start ezcGraphCoordinate
$position ezcGraphCoordinate
$stepSize float Space which can be used for bars
$symbol int Symbol to draw for line
$axisPosition float Position of axis for drawing filled lines
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