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Class ezcGraphPaletteEzRed

Light red color pallet for ezcGraph based on red eZ colors

Source for this file: /Graph/src/palette/ez_red.php

Version:   //autogentag//

Member Variables

protected ezcGraphColor $axisColor = '#2E3436'
protected ezcGraphColor $chartBackground = '#FFFFFF'
Backgroundcolor for chart
protected array $dataSetColor = array(

Array with colors for datasets
protected array $dataSetSymbol = array(

Array with symbols for datasets
protected ezcGraphColor $fontColor = '#2E3436'
protected string $fontName = 'sans-serif'
Name of font to use
protected ezcGraphColor $majorGridColor = '#D3D7DF'
Color of grid lines
protected integer $margin = 0
Margin of elements
protected integer $padding = 1
Padding in elements

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcGraphPalette
protected ezcGraphPalette::$chartBorderColor
protected ezcGraphPalette::$chartBorderWidth
protected ezcGraphPalette::$colorIndex
protected ezcGraphPalette::$elementBackground
protected ezcGraphPalette::$elementBorderColor
protected ezcGraphPalette::$elementBorderWidth
protected ezcGraphPalette::$minorGridColor
protected ezcGraphPalette::$symbolIndex

Inherited Methods

From ezcGraphPalette
protected ezcGraphColor ezcGraphPalette::checkColor()
Ensure value to be a color
public void ezcGraphPalette::resetColorCounter()
Manually reset the color counter to use the first color again
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