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Class ezcDebugVariableDumpTool

Tool class to dump variables in a way similar to Xdebug.

This tool class allows to dump variables similar to the way it is done by Xdebug (@link http://xdebug.org). The class is used in the ezcDebugPhpStacktraceIterator to unify the variable dumps with those generated by ezcDebugXdebugStacktraceIterator.

Source for this file: /Debug/src/tools/dump.php

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Method Summary

public static string dumpVariable( $arg , $maxData , $maxChildren , $maxDepth )
Returns the string representation of an variable.



static string dumpVariable( mixed $arg , int $maxData , int $maxChildren , int $maxDepth )

Returns the string representation of an variable.

Returns the dump of the given variable, respecting the $maxData and $maxChildren paramaters when arrays or objects are dumped. $maxDepth is the maximum recursion depth when dumping arrays and objects.

Name Type Description
$arg mixed
$maxData int
$maxChildren int
$maxDepth int
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