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Class ezcCacheStackStorageConfiguration


Configuration for a ezcCacheStackableStorage inside an ezcCacheStack. The configuration consists of a string $id that identifies the $storage uniquely inside the stack. The $itemLimit is the maximum number of items that might be stored in the $storage at once. This number is determined by the used ezcCacheStackMetaData used in the stack. The $freeRate is the fraction of $itemLimit that will be freed by the used ezcCacheStackReplacementStrategy when the storage runs full.

Source for this file: /Cache/src/stack/storage_configuration.php

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float read $freeRate
Fraction of $itemLimit that is freed if $storage runs full.
string read $id
The unique ID of the configured storage in the stack.
int read $itemLimit
Maximum number of items to be stored in $storage.
ezcCacheStackableStorage read $storage
The storage that is configured with this configuration. A storage might only be part of 1 stack and this only once.

Member Variables

protected array(string=>mixed) $properties = array(
'id' => null,
'storage' => null,
'itemLimit' => null,
'freeRate' => null,


Method Summary

public ezcCacheStackStorageConfiguration __construct( $id , $storage , $itemLimit , $freeRate )
Creates a new storage configuration.



ezcCacheStackStorageConfiguration __construct( string $id , ezcCacheStackableStorage $storage , int $itemLimit , float $freeRate )

Creates a new storage configuration.

This method creates an new configuration with the given values. Note that, once set, these values cannot be changed anymore to avoid inconsistencies in the stack. For details about the parameters, please refer to the properties documentation of this class.

Note that the properties can only be set once, using this constructore, and are not changeable via property access.

Name Type Description
$id string
$storage ezcCacheStackableStorage
$itemLimit int
$freeRate float
Type Description
ezcBaseValueException if a given value does not conform to the indicated format.
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