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Interface ezcWebdavAuthorizer

Interface for classes providing authorization.

This interface must be implemented by classes the provide authorization to an ezcWebdavBackend. A back end will call the authorize() method for each path that is affected by request.

Source for this file: /Webdav/src/interfaces/authorizer.php

Version:   //autogentag//


Child Class Description
ezcWebdavLockAuthorizer Interface to be implemented by authorization classes for the lock plugin.


ACCESS_READ = 1 User desires read access.
ACCESS_WRITE = 2 User desires write access.

Method Summary

public bool authorize( $user , $path , [ $access = self::ACCESS_READ] )
Checks authorization of the given $user to a given $path.



bool authorize( string $user , string $path , [int $access = self::ACCESS_READ] )

Checks authorization of the given $user to a given $path.

This method checks if the given $user has the permission $access to the resource identified by $path. The $path is the result of a translation by the servers ezcWebdavPathFactory from the request URI.

The $access parameter can be one of

The implementation of this method must only check the given $path, but MUST not check descendant paths, since the back end will issue dedicated calls for such paths. In contrast, the algoritm MUST ensure, that parent permission constraints of the given $paths are met.

Examples: Permission is rejected for the paths "/a", "/b/beamme" and "/c/connect":

  1.  <?php
  2.  var_dump( $auth->authorize( 'johndoe', '/a' ) ); // false
  3.  var_dump( $auth->authorize( 'johndoe', '/b' ) ); // true
  4.  var_dump( $auth->authorize( 'johndoe', '/b/beamme' ) ); // false
  5.  var_dump( $auth->authorize( 'johndoe', '/c/connect/some/deeper/path' ) ); // false
  6.  ?>
Name Type Description
$user string
$path string
$access int
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