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Class ezcTranslationManager

ezcTranslationManager handles a specific translation file and provides functionality to apply filters and retrieve contexts and translations.

The following example shows typical usage:

  1.  <?php
  2.  $a = new ezcTranslationTsBackend( 'tests/translations' );
  3.  $a->setOptions( array ( 'format' => '[LOCALE].xml' ) );
  5.  $b = new ezcTranslationManager( $a );
  7.  // Asks the backend for data, runs the attached filter, and creates a
  8.  // Translation object
  9.  $tln1 = $b->getContext( 'nl_NL', 'design/admin/content/browse_copy_node' );
  11.  // Returns the localized string belonging to key "key", the filter has already
  12.  // been applied to it. Possible parameters can be passed as associative array
  13.  // as optional second parameter.
  14.  $string = $tln1->getTranslation( 'Choose location for copy of <%object_name>', array( 'object_name' => 'Foo' ) );
  15.  ?>

Source for this file: /Translation/src/translation_manager.php

Version:   //autogentag//

Method Summary

public ezcTranslationManager __construct( $backend )
Constructs an ezcTranslationManager object
public void addFilter( $filter )
Adds a filter to the filter list.
public ezcTranslation getContext( $locale , $context )
Returns the translations for the $context context and the locale $locale.



ezcTranslationManager __construct( ezcTranslationBackend $backend )

Constructs an ezcTranslationManager object

This constructor constructs a new ezcTranslationManager object. The only parameter is a class that implements the ezcTranslationBackendInterface.

Name Type Description
$backend ezcTranslationBackend An instance of a translation backend.


void addFilter( ezcTranslationFilter $filter )

Adds a filter to the filter list.

This methods adds the passed filter object to the list of $filters that will be applied on every context before being returned by getContext().

Name Type Description
$filter ezcTranslationFilter


ezcTranslation getContext( string $locale , string $context )

Returns the translations for the $context context and the locale $locale.

This methods reads the context data from the backend and applies the filters before returning the translation map as part of the ezcTranslation object that it returns.

Name Type Description
$locale string
$context string
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