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Class ezcGraphLineChartOptions

Class containing the basic options for line charts.

This class contains basic options relevant for line and bar charts, which are just an extension of line charts.

For additional options configuring the apperance of the chart you may also want to check the option classes to configure the respective renderer you are using:

  • ezcGraphRendererOptions
  • ezcGraphRenderer2dOptions
  • ezcGraphRenderer3dOptions
  1.    $graph = new ezcGraphLineChart();
  2.    $graph->title = 'Wikipedia articles';
  4.    $graph->options->fillLines = 220;
  5.    $graph->options->lineThickness = 3;
  7.    // Add data
  8.    foreach ( $wikidata as $language => $data )
  9.    {
  10.        $graph->data[$language] = new ezcGraphArrayDataSet( $data );
  11.    }
  13.    $graph->render( 400, 150, 'tutorial_line_chart.svg' );

Source for this file: /Graph/src/options/line_chart.php

Version:   //autogentag//


mixed read/write $fillLines
Status wheather the space between line and axis should get filled.
  • FALSE to not fill the space at all.
  • (int) Opacity used to fill up the space with the lines color.
ezcGraphFontOptions read/write $highlightFont
Font configuration for highlight tests
bool read/write $highlightLines
If true, it adds lines to highlight the values position on the axis.
int read/write $highlightSize
Size of highlight blocks
float read/write $highlightXOffset
Horizontal offset for highlight strings, applied to all chart highlight strings
float read/write $highlightYOffset
Vertical offset for highlight strings, applied to all chart highlight strings
float read/write $lineThickness
Thickness of chart lines
true read/write $stackBars
Stack bars
int read/write $symbolSize
Size of symbols in line chart.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcBaseOptions
protected ezcBaseOptions::$properties

Method Summary

public void __set( $propertyName , $propertyValue )
Set an option value

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseOptions
public ezcBaseOptions ezcBaseOptions::__construct()
Construct a new options object.
public void ezcBaseOptions::merge()
Merge an array into the actual options object.
public bool ezcBaseOptions::offsetExists()
Returns if an option exists.
public mixed ezcBaseOptions::offsetGet()
Returns an option value.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetSet()
Set an option.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetUnset()
Unset an option.



void __set( string $propertyName , mixed $propertyValue )

Set an option value

Name Type Description
$propertyName string
$propertyValue mixed
Type Description
ezcBasePropertyNotFoundException If a property is not defined in this class
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