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Class ezcGraphArrayDataSet

Dataset class which receives arrays and use them as a base for datasets.

Source for this file: /Graph/src/datasets/array.php

Version:   //autogentag//

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcGraphDataSet
protected ezcGraphDataSet::$current
protected ezcGraphDataSet::$data
protected ezcGraphDataSet::$keys
protected ezcGraphDataSet::$pallet
protected ezcGraphDataSet::$properties

Method Summary

public void __construct( $data )
public int count( )
Returns the number of elements in this dataset
protected void createFromArray( [ $data = array()] )

Inherited Methods

From ezcGraphDataSet
public string ezcGraphDataSet::current()
Returns the currently selected datapoint.
public string ezcGraphDataSet::key()
Returns the key of the currently selected datapoint.
public float ezcGraphDataSet::next()
Returns the next datapoint and selects it or false on the last datapoint.
public bool ezcGraphDataSet::offsetExists()
Returns true if the given datapoint exists Allows isset() using ArrayAccess.
public float ezcGraphDataSet::offsetGet()
Returns the value for the given datapoint Get an datapoint value by ArrayAccess.
public void ezcGraphDataSet::offsetSet()
Sets the value for a datapoint.
public void ezcGraphDataSet::offsetUnset()
Unset an option.
public float ezcGraphDataSet::rewind()
Selects the very first datapoint and returns it.
public bool ezcGraphDataSet::valid()
Returns if the current datapoint is valid.
public mixed ezcGraphDataSet::__get()
Property get access.



void __construct( array|Iterator $data )


Name Type Description
$data array|Iterator Array or Iterator containing the data


int count( )

Returns the number of elements in this dataset


void createFromArray( [array|Iterator $data = array()] )


Can handle data provided through an array or iterator.

Name Type Description
$data array|Iterator
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