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Class ezcGraphDriverOptions

Class containing the basic driver options.

Most of the options of the driver class, like the width, height and font are set internally by the driver and not really relevant to the user of driver classes. You can configure how strings are automatically shortened, together with the postfix, which is appended to shortened strings, like the following example shows.

Configuration options, which special to the actual drivers are configured in the driver specific extensions of this option class.

  1.    require_once 'tutorial_autoload.php';
  3.    $graph = new ezcGraphPieChart();
  4.    $graph->palette = new ezcGraphPaletteEzBlue();
  5.    $graph->title = 'Access statistics';
  7.    $graph->data['Access statistics'] = new ezcGraphArrayDataSet( array(
  8.        'Mozilla' => 19113,
  9.        'Explorer' => 10917,
  10.        'Opera' => 1464,
  11.        'Safari' => 652,
  12.        'Konqueror' => 474,
  13.    ) );
  15.    // Do not shorten strings automatically if they do not fit in the assigned
  16.    // space with the minimum font size.
  17.    $graph->driver->options->autoShortenString = false;
  19.    $graph->render( 400, 150, 'tutorial_chart_title.svg' );

Source for this file: /Graph/src/options/driver.php

Version:   //autogentag//


Child Class Description
ezcGraphGdDriverOptions Class containing the extended driver options for the gd driver.
ezcGraphSvgDriverOptions Class containing the extended options for the SVG driver.
ezcGraphCairoDriverOptions Class containing the extended options for the SVG driver.
ezcGraphFlashDriverOptions Class containing the extended configuration options for the flash driver.


bool read/write $autoShortenString
Automatically shorten string if it do not fit into the available space, even with the minimum font size used. Deactivating this setting will result in ezcGraphFontRenderingException exceptions, informing you about the actual string which did not fit.
string read/write $autoShortenStringPostFix
String to append to shortened strings, if there is enough space left for the postfix.
int read/write $font
Font used in the graph.
int read/write $height
Height of the chart.
float read/write $lineSpacing
Percent of font size used for line spacing
float read/write $shadeCircularArc
Percent to darken circular arcs at the sides
int read/write $width
Width of the chart.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcBaseOptions
protected ezcBaseOptions::$properties

Method Summary

public void __set( $propertyName , $propertyValue )
Set an option value

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseOptions
public ezcBaseOptions ezcBaseOptions::__construct()
Construct a new options object.
public void ezcBaseOptions::merge()
Merge an array into the actual options object.
public bool ezcBaseOptions::offsetExists()
Returns if an option exists.
public mixed ezcBaseOptions::offsetGet()
Returns an option value.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetSet()
Set an option.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetUnset()
Unset an option.



void __set( string $propertyName , mixed $propertyValue )

Set an option value

Name Type Description
$propertyName string
$propertyValue mixed
Type Description
ezcBasePropertyNotFoundException If a property is not defined in this class
Redefined in descendants as:
Method Description
ezcGraphGdDriverOptions::__set() Set an option value 
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