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Class ezcGraphAxisRadarLabelRenderer

Renders axis labels and grid optimized for radar charts. May cause unexpected results when used with other chart types.

  1.    $chart->xAxis->axisLabelRenderer = new ezcGraphAxisRadarLabelRenderer();

Source for this file: /Graph/src/renderer/axis_label_radar.php

Version:   //autogentag//


float read/write $lastStep
Position of last step on the axis to calculate the grid.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer
protected ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::$driver
From ezcBaseOptions
protected ezcBaseOptions::$properties

Method Summary

protected void drawGrid( $renderer , $boundings , $position , $direction , $color , [ $stepPosition = null] )
Draw grid
public void renderLabels( $renderer , $boundings , $start , $end , $axis )
Render Axis labels

Inherited Methods

From ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer
public mixed ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::determineLineCuttingPoint()
Checks for the cutting point of two lines.
protected void ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::drawGrid()
Draw grid
protected void ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::drawNonRectangularGrid()
Draw non-rectangular grid lines grid
protected void ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::drawRectangularGrid()
Draw rectangular grid
public void ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::drawStep()
Draw single step on a axis
protected array ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::getAxisSpace()
Get axis space values
public ezcGraphBoundings ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::modifyChartBoundings()
Modify chart boundings
public ezcGraphCoordinate ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::modifyChartDataPosition()
Modify chart data position
public abstract void ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::renderLabels()
Render Axis labels
From ezcBaseOptions
public ezcBaseOptions ezcBaseOptions::__construct()
Construct a new options object.
public void ezcBaseOptions::merge()
Merge an array into the actual options object.
public bool ezcBaseOptions::offsetExists()
Returns if an option exists.
public mixed ezcBaseOptions::offsetGet()
Returns an option value.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetSet()
Set an option.
public void ezcBaseOptions::offsetUnset()
Unset an option.



void drawGrid( ezcGraphRenderer $renderer , $boundings , ezcGraphCoordinate $position , ezcGraphCoordinate $direction , ezcGraphColor $color , [int $stepPosition = null] )

Draw grid

Draws a grid line at the current position

Name Type Description
$renderer ezcGraphRenderer Renderer to draw the grid with
$boundings ezcGraphBoundings Boundings of axis
$position ezcGraphCoordinate Position of step
$direction ezcGraphCoordinate Direction of axis
$color ezcGraphColor Color of axis
$stepPosition int
Redefinition of:
Method Description
ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::drawGrid() Draw grid


void renderLabels( ezcGraphRenderer $renderer , $boundings , ezcGraphCoordinate $start , ezcGraphCoordinate $end , ezcGraphChartElementAxis $axis )

Render Axis labels

Render labels for an axis.

Name Type Description
$renderer ezcGraphRenderer Renderer used to draw the chart
$boundings ezcGraphBoundings Boundings of the axis
$start ezcGraphCoordinate Axis starting point
$end ezcGraphCoordinate Axis ending point
$axis ezcGraphChartElementAxis Axis instance
Redefinition of:
Method Description
ezcGraphAxisLabelRenderer::renderLabels() Render Axis labels
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