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Class ezcPersistentRelation

Base class for all relation definition classes of PersistentObject.

Source for this file: /PersistentObject/src/interfaces/relation.php

Version:   //autogen//


Child Class Description
ezcPersistentManyToOneRelation Relation class to reflect a many-to-one table relation (m:1).
ezcPersistentManyToManyRelation Relation class to reflect a many-to-many table relation (m:n).
ezcPersistentOneToManyRelation Relation class to reflect a one-to-many table relation (1:n).
ezcPersistentOneToOneRelation Relation class to reflect a one-to-one table relation (1:1).


array read/write $columnMap
The table mapping this instance reflects.
string read/write $destinationTable
The destination table this relation maps to.
bool read/write $reverse
Wether this relation is a reverse of an existing relation.
string read/write $sourceTable
The source table this relation maps from.

Member Variables

protected array $properties = array(
"sourceTable" => null,
"destinationTable" => null,
"columnMap" => array(),"reverse"=>false,)

Properties array.

Method Summary

public ezcPersistentRelation __construct( $sourceTable , $destinationTable )
Create a new relation.
protected abstract void validateColumnMap( $columnMap )
Validates an ezcPersistentRelation::$columnMap property.



ezcPersistentRelation __construct( string $sourceTable , string $destinationTable )

Create a new relation.

Name Type Description
$sourceTable string See property $sourceTable
$destinationTable string See property $destinationTable
Redefined in descendants as:
Method Description
ezcPersistentManyToOneRelation::__construct() Create a new relation. 
ezcPersistentManyToManyRelation::__construct() Constructs a new many to many relation from the table $sourceTable to the table $destinationTable via $relationTable 
ezcPersistentOneToManyRelation::__construct() Create a new relation. 
ezcPersistentOneToOneRelation::__construct() Create a new relation. 


void validateColumnMap( $columnMap )

Validates an ezcPersistentRelation::$columnMap property.

Checks is the given array represents a valid $columnMap property. Has to be implemented by all derived classes.

Name Type Description
$columnMap array The column map to check.
Type Description
ezcBaseValueException On an invalid column map.
Redefined in descendants as:
Method Description
ezcPersistentManyToOneRelation::validateColumnMap() Validates an ezcPersistentRelation::$columnMap property. 
ezcPersistentManyToManyRelation::validateColumnMap() Validates an ezcPersistentRelation::$columnMap property. 
ezcPersistentOneToManyRelation::validateColumnMap() Validates an ezcPersistentRelation::$columnMap property. 
ezcPersistentOneToOneRelation::validateColumnMap() Validates an ezcPersistentRelation::$columnMap property. 
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