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Class ezcWebdavNautilusPropertyHandler

Property handler adjusted for the GNOME Nautilus client.

This property handler removes the "charset=..." part form getcontentype properties, since Nautilus displays them not nicely.

Source for this file: /Webdav/src/transports/property_handlers/nautilus.php

Version:   //autogen//

Inherited Constants

From ezcWebdavPropertyHandler:
ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::GETCONTENTTYPE_REGEX    Regedx to parse the <getcontenttype /> XML elemens content.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcWebdavPropertyHandler
protected ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::$xmlTool

Method Summary

protected DOMElement serializeLiveProperty( $property , $parentElement )
Returns the XML representation of a live property.

Inherited Methods

From ezcWebdavPropertyHandler
public void ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::__construct()
Creates a new property handler.
protected ezcWebdavDeadProperty ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::extractDeadProperty()
Extract a dead property from a DOMElement.
protected ezcWebdavSourcePropertyLink ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::extractLinkContent()
Extracts the <link /> XML elements.
protected ezcWebdavLiveProperty|null ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::extractLiveProperty()
Extracts a live property from a DOMElement.
public ezcWebdavBasicPropertyStorage ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::extractProperties()
Returns extracted properties in an ezcWebdavPropertyStorage.
protected ezcWebdavXmlTool ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::getXmlTool()
Returns the XML tool to work with.
protected DOMElement ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::serializeDeadProperty()
Returns the XML representation of a dead property.
protected array(DOMElement) ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::serializeLinkContent()
Serializes an array of ezcWebdavSourcePropertyLink elements to XML.
protected DOMElement|null ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::serializeLiveProperty()
Returns the XML representation of a live property.
public void ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::serializeProperties()
Serializes an object of new ezcWebdavPropertyStorage to XML.



DOMElement serializeLiveProperty( ezcWebdavLiveProperty $property , $parentElement )

Returns the XML representation of a live property.

Returns a DOMElement, representing the content of the given $property. The newly created element is also appended as a child to the given $parentElement.

This method only takes care for ezcWebdavGetContentTypeProperty and does not add the "charset=..." part to the generated XML output, since Nautilus does not display this nicely. All other properties are dispatched to the default ezcWebdavPropertyHandler.

Name Type Description
$property ezcWebdavLiveProperty
$parentElement DOMElement
Redefinition of:
Method Description
ezcWebdavPropertyHandler::serializeLiveProperty() Returns the XML representation of a live property.
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