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Interface ezcWebdavBasicAuthenticator

Interface for Basic authentication mechanism.

This interface must be implemented by objects that provide authentication through a username/password combination, as defined by the HTTP Basic authentication method.

An instance of a class implementing this interface may be used in the ezcWebdavServer $auth property. The WebDAV server will then use this instance to perform authentication. In addition, classes may implement ezcWebdavDigestAuthenticator and are highly recommended to do so.

Source for this file: /Webdav/src/interfaces/basic_authenticator.php

Version:   //autogentag//


Child Class Description
ezcWebdavDigestAuthenticator Interface for Digest authentication mechanism.

Method Summary

public bool authenticateBasic( $data )
Checks authentication for the given $user.

Inherited Methods

From ezcWebdavAnonymousAuthenticator
public bool ezcWebdavAnonymousAuthenticator::authenticateAnonymous()
Checks authentication for the anonymous user.



bool authenticateBasic( ezcWebdavBasicAuth $data )

Checks authentication for the given $user.

This method checks the given user/password credentials encapsulated in $data. Returns true if the user was succesfully recognized and the password is valid for him, false otherwise. In case no username and/or password was provided in the request, empty strings are provided as the parameters of this method.

Name Type Description
$data ezcWebdavBasicAuth
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