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Class ezcTranslationException

The general exception class as used by the Translator Classes.

Source for this file: /Translation/src/exceptions/exception.php

Version:   //autogentag//


Child Class Description
ezcTranslationNotConfiguredException Thrown when a required configuration setting was not made for a backend.
ezcTranslationWriterNotInitializedException Thrown when methods are called that require a ContextWriter to be initialized.
ezcTranslationKeyNotAvailableException Thrown by the getTranslation() method when a requested key doesn't exist.
ezcTranslationContextNotAvailableException Thrown by the getContext() method when a requested context doesn't exist.
ezcTranslationMissingTranslationFileException Thrown when the translation file does not exist.
ezcTranslationParameterMissingException Thrown by the getTranslation() method when a paramater was missing to a parameterized translation string.
ezcTranslationReaderNotInitializedException Thrown when methods are called that require a ContextReader to be initialized.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcBaseException
public ezcBaseException::$originalMessage

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseException
public ezcBaseException ezcBaseException::__construct()
Constructs a new ezcBaseException with $message
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