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Class ezcSystemInfoAccelerator

A container to store information about a PHP accelerator.

This structure used to represent information about a PHP accelerator parameters self::name self::url self::isEnabled self::versionInt self::versionString

Source for this file: /SystemInformation/src/structs/accelerator.php

Version:   //autogentag//

Member Variables

public bool $isEnabled
Flag that informs if PHP accelerator enabled or not.
public string $name
Name of PHP accelerator.
public string $url
URL of the site of PHP accelerator developer.
public int $versionInt
PHP accelerator version number.
public string $versionString
PHP accelerator version number as a string.

Method Summary

public ezcSystemInfoAccelerator __construct( $name , $url , $isEnabled , $versionInt , $versionString )
Initialize all structure fields with values.



ezcSystemInfoAccelerator __construct( string $name , string $url , bool $isEnabled , int $versionInt , string $versionString )

Initialize all structure fields with values.

Name Type Description
$name string
$url string
$isEnabled bool
$versionInt int
$versionString string
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