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Class ezcGraphException

General exception container for the Graph component.

Source for this file: /Graph/src/exceptions/exception.php

Version:   //autogentag//


Child Class Description
ezcGraphMatrixOutOfBoundingsException Exception thrown when a requested matrix value is out of the boundings of the matrix.
ezcGraphDatasetAverageInvalidKeysException Exception thrown when a dataset with non numeric keys is used with average datasets.
ezcGraphInvalidImageFileException Exception thrown when a file can not be used as a image file.
ezcGraphReducementFailedException Exception thrown when a requested reducement of an ellipse or polygone failed because the shape was already too small.
ezcGraphUnknownColorDefinitionException Exception thrown, when a given value could not be interpreted as a color by ezcGraphColor.
ezcGraphInvalidDisplayTypeException Exception thrown when an unsupported data type is set for the current chart.
ezcGraphFlashBitmapTypeException Flash can only embed JPEGs and PNGs. This exception is thrown for * all other image types.
ezcGraphGdDriverUnsupportedImageTypeException Exception thrown if the image type is not supported and therefore could not be used in the gd driver.
ezcGraphErrorParsingDateException Exception thrown when a date assigned to the ezcGraphChartElementDateAxis could not be parsed.
ezcGraphFontRenderingException Exception thrown when it is not possible to render a string beacause of minimum font size in the desinated bounding box.
ezcGraphNoSuchDataSetException Exception thrown when trying to access a non exising dataset.
ezcGraphSvgDriverInvalidIdException Exception thrown when a id could not be found in a SVG document to insert elements in.
ezcGraphInvalidDataException Exception thrown when invalid data is provided, which cannot be rendered for some reason.
ezcGraphNoSuchElementException Exception thrown when trying to access a non existing chart element.
ezcGraphOutOfLogithmicalBoundingsException Exception thrown when data exceeds the values which are displayable on an logarithmical scaled axis.
ezcGraphInvalidAssignementException Exception thrown, when trying a property cannot be set for a data point, but only for data sets.
ezcGraphToolsNotRenderedException Exception thrown when a chart was not rendered yet, but the graph tool requires information only available in rendered charts.
ezcGraphToolsIncompatibleDriverException Exception thrown when trying to modify rendered images with incompatible graph tools.
ezcGraphTooManyDataSetsExceptions Exception thrown when trying to insert too many data sets in a data set container.
ezcGraphInvalidArrayDataSourceException Exception thrown when an invalid data source is provided for an array data set.
ezcGraphNoDataException Exception shown, when trying to render a chart without assigning any data.
ezcGraphUnknownFontTypeException Exception thrown if font type is unknown or not supported.
ezcGraphInvalidStepSizeException Exception thrown when the major or minor step size does not divide cleanly the value span it should be used for.
ezcGraphNoSuchDataException Exception shown, when trying to access not existing data in datasets.
ezcGraphUnregularStepsException Exception thrown when a bar chart shouls be rendered on an axis using unregular step sizes.
ezcGraphMatrixInvalidDimensionsException Exception thrown when an operation is not possible because of incompatible matrix dimensions.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcBaseException
public ezcBaseException::$originalMessage

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseException
public ezcBaseException ezcBaseException::__construct()
Constructs a new ezcBaseException with $message
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