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Class ezcFile

Provides a selection of static independent methods to provide functionality for file and file system handling. This class is deprecated, please use ezcBaseFile instead.

Source for this file: /File/src/file.php

Version:   //autogentag//

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseFile
public static string ezcBaseFile::calculateRelativePath()
Calculates the relative path of the file/directory '$path' to a given $base path.
public static void ezcBaseFile::copyRecursive()
Recursively copy a file or directory.
public static array ezcBaseFile::findRecursive()
Finds files recursively on a file system
protected static void ezcBaseFile::findRecursiveCallback()
This is the callback used by findRecursive to collect data.
public static bool ezcBaseFile::isAbsolutePath()
Returns whether the passed $path is an absolute path, giving the current $os.
public static void ezcBaseFile::removeRecursive()
Removes files and directories recursively from a file system
public static array ezcBaseFile::walkRecursive()
Walks files and directories recursively on a file system
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