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Class ezcDocumentRstNode

Struct for RST document document abstract syntax tree nodes

Source for this file: /Document/src/document/rst/node.php

Version:   //autogen//


ANNOTATION = 6 Blockquote anotation AST node
ANON_REFERENCE = 55 Anonymous reference target AST node
BLOCKQUOTE = 5 Blockquote AST node
BULLET_LIST = 20 Bullet list item AST node
BULLET_LIST_LIST = 22 Bullet list AST node
COMMENT = 8 Comment AST node
DEFINITION_LIST = 11 Definition list AST node
DEFINITION_LIST_LIST = 14 Definition list item AST node
DIRECTIVE = 52 Directive AST node
DOCUMENT = 1 Document AST node
ENUMERATED_LIST = 21 Enumerated list item AST node
ENUMERATED_LIST_LIST = 23 Enumerated list AST node
FIELD_LIST = 10 Field list AST node
FOOTNOTE = 54 Footnote target AST node
LINE_BLOCK = 12 Line block AST node
LINE_BLOCK_LINE = 13 Line block line AST node
LINK_ANONYMOUS = 40 Anonymous hyperlink AST node
LINK_REFERENCE = 41 External Reference AST node
LITERAL = 50 Inline Literal AST node
LITERAL_BLOCK = 7 Literal block AST node
MARKUP_EMPHASIS = 30 Emphasis markup AST node
MARKUP_INTERPRETED = 32 Interpreted text markup AST node
MARKUP_LITERAL = 33 Inline literal markup AST node
MARKUP_STRONG = 31 Strong emphasis markup AST node
MARKUP_SUBSTITUTION = 34 Substitution reference markup AST node
NAMED_REFERENCE = 53 Named reference target AST node
PARAGRAPH = 3 Paragraph AST node
REFERENCE = 43 Internal Reference AST node
SECTION = 1 Section AST node
SUBSTITUTION = 51 Substitution target AST node
TABLE = 100 Table node AST node
TABLE_BODY = 102 Table body node AST node
TABLE_CELL = 104 Table cell node AST node
TABLE_HEAD = 101 Table head node AST node
TABLE_ROW = 103 Table row node AST node
TARGET = 42 Internal Target AST node
TEXT_LINE = 4 Text line AST node
TITLE = 2 Title AST node
TRANSITION = 9 Page transition AST node

Member Variables

public string $identifier = null
Optional paragraph identifier, to reference the paragraph using internal links.
public int $line
Line of node in source file.
public mixed $nodes = array()
Child nodes
public int $position
Character position of node in source file.
public ezcDocumentRstToken $token = null
Optional reference to token, not available for all nodes.
public int $type
Node type

Method Summary

public static string getTokenName( $type )
Get node name from type
protected string content( )
Return node content, if available somehow
public string dump( [ $depth = 0] )
Get dump of document
public void __construct( $token , $type )
Construct RST node



static string getTokenName( int $type )

Get node name from type

Return a user readable name from the numeric node type.

Name Type Description
$type int


string content( )

Return node content, if available somehow


string dump( [int $depth = 0] )

Get dump of document

Name Type Description
$depth int


void __construct( ezcDocumentRstToken $token , int $type )

Construct RST node

Name Type Description
$token ezcDocumentRstToken
$type int
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