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Class ezcDocumentPdfTableColumnWidthCalculator

Table column width calculator

Base class for a table column width calculator, which is responsible to estimate / guess / calculate sensible column width for a docbook table definitions.

Source for this file: /Document/src/document/pdf/table_column_width_calculator.php

Version:   //autogen//


Child Class Description
ezcDocumentPdfDefaultTableColumnWidthCalculator Table column width calculator

Method Summary

public abstract array estimateWidths( $table )
Estimate column widths



array estimateWidths( $table )

Estimate column widths

Should return an array with the column widths given as float numbers between 0 and 1, which all add together to 1.

Name Type Description
$table DOMElement
Redefined in descendants as:
Method Description
ezcDocumentPdfDefaultTableColumnWidthCalculator::estimateWidths() Estimate column widths 
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