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Class ezcDbSchemaIndex

A container to store a table index in.

Source for this file: /DatabaseSchema/src/structs/index.php

Version:   //autogentag//

Member Variables

public array(string=>ezcDbSchemaIndexField) $indexFields
The fields that make up this index

The array is indexed with the name of the field.

public bool $primary
Whether this is the primary index for a table.
public bool $unique
Whether entries in this index need to be unique.

Method Summary

public static void __set_state( $array )
public ezcDbSchemaIndex __construct( $indexFields , [ $primary = false] , [ $unique = true] )
Constructs an ezcDbSchemaIndex object.



static void __set_state( $array )
Name Type Description
$array array


ezcDbSchemaIndex __construct( array(string=>ezcDbSchemaIndexField) $indexFields , [bool $primary = false] , [bool $unique = true] )

Constructs an ezcDbSchemaIndex object.

Name Type Description
$indexFields array(string=>ezcDbSchemaIndexField)
$primary bool
$unique bool
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