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Class ezcConsoleTableCell

Representation of a table cell.

An object of this class represents a table cell. A cell has a certain content, may apply a format to this data, align the data in the cell and so on.

This class stores the cells for the ezcConsoleTable class.

Source for this file: /ConsoleTools/src/table/cell.php

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int read/write $align
Alignment of the text inside the cell. Must be one of ezcConsoleTable::ALIGN_ constants. See ezcConsoleTable::ALIGN_LEFT, ezcConsoleTable::ALIGN_RIGHT and ezcConsoleTable::ALIGN_CENTER.
string read/write $content
Text displayed in the cell.
string read/write $format
Format applied to the displayed text.

Member Variables

protected array(string=>mixed) $properties
Container to hold the properties

Method Summary

public void __construct( [ $content = ''] , [ $format = 'default'] , [ $align = ezcConsoleTable::ALIGN_DEFAULT] )
Create a new ezcConsoleProgressbarCell.



void __construct( [string $content = ''] , [string $format = 'default'] , [mixed $align = ezcConsoleTable::ALIGN_DEFAULT] )

Create a new ezcConsoleProgressbarCell.

Creates a new ezcConsoleProgressbarCell. You can either submit the cell data through the constructor or set them as properties.

Name Type Description
$content string Content of the cell.
$format string Format to display the cell with.
$align mixed Alignment of the content in the cell.
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