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Interface ezcCacheStackMetaData

Interface for stack meta data.

This interface describes the methods that must be supported by a meta data class that is to be used with a ezcCacheStackReplacementStrategy and therefore used with ezcCacheStackMetaDataStorage::storeMetaData() and ezcCacheStackMetaDataStorage::restoreMetaData().

Source for this file: /Cache/src/interfaces/meta_data.php

Version:   //autogen//

Inherited Methods

From ezcBasePersistable
public ezcBasePersistable ezcBasePersistable::__construct()
The constructor for the object needs to be able to accept no arguments.
public array(string=>mixed) ezcBasePersistable::getState()
Returns all the object's properties so that they can be stored or indexed.
public void ezcBasePersistable::setState()
Accepts an array containing data for one or more of the class' properties.
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