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Class ezcCacheMemoryVarStruct

Defines a memory var structure.

Source for this file: /Cache/src/structs/memory_var.php

Version:   //autogentag//

Member Variables

public string $key
Holds the cache key.
public int $ttl
Holds the TTL value of the cache.
public mixed $var
Holds the data associated with the key.

Method Summary

public ezcCacheMemoryVarStruct __construct( $key , $var , $ttl )
Constructs a new ezcCacheMemoryVarStruct object.



ezcCacheMemoryVarStruct __construct( string $key , mixed $var , int $ttl )

Constructs a new ezcCacheMemoryVarStruct object.

Name Type Description
$key string
$var mixed
$ttl int
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