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Class ezcArchiveException

General exception class for the Archive package.

Source for this file: /Archive/src/exceptions/exception.php

Version:   //autogentag//


Child Class Description
ezcArchiveInternalException Exception used when an internal errors occurs in the Archive component.
ezcArchiveValueException Exception thrown when encountering a wrong archive value.
ezcArchiveBlockSizeException Exception will be thrown when the block-size of an archive is invalid.
ezcArchiveEmptyException Exception for when an archive is empty.
ezcArchiveChecksumException Exception will be thrown when the checksum of the file is invalid.
ezcArchiveIoException Exception thrown when an IO error occurs.
ezcArchiveEntryPrefixException An exception for an invalid prefix of a file entry.
ezcArchiveUnknownTypeException Exception thrown when encountering an archive of an unknow type.

Inherited Member Variables

From ezcBaseException
public ezcBaseException::$originalMessage

Method Summary

public ezcArchiveException __construct( $message )
Construct a new archive exception.

Inherited Methods

From ezcBaseException
public ezcBaseException ezcBaseException::__construct()
Constructs a new ezcBaseException with $message



ezcArchiveException __construct( string $message )

Construct a new archive exception.

Name Type Description
$message string
Redefinition of:
Method Description
ezcBaseException::__construct() Constructs a new ezcBaseException with $message
Redefined in descendants as:
Method Description
ezcArchiveInternalException::__construct() Construct an internal archive exception. 
ezcArchiveValueException::__construct() Construct an archive exception. 
ezcArchiveBlockSizeException::__construct() Constructs a new block-size exception for the specified archive. 
ezcArchiveEmptyException::__construct() Constructs a new exception for empty archive. 
ezcArchiveChecksumException::__construct() Constructs a new checksum exception for the specified file. 
ezcArchiveIoException::__construct() Constructs a new IO exception. 
ezcArchiveEntryPrefixException::__construct() Constructs a new entry prefix exception for the specified file entry. 
ezcArchiveUnknownTypeException::__construct() Constructs a new unknown type exception for the specified archive. 
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